BBM for Gingerbread will be Available Soon?


BBM for Gingerbread to be one that is much awaited application by android users, especially those who still use the Gingerbread operating system. Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for Android is currently still stuck in Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 OS. BBM for Android is only able to run on the operating system android ICS, Jelly Bean, and KitKat. However, from the news circulated, widely heard if the Blackberry is being tested BBM to Gingerbread. Is it possible BBM for Gingerbread available soon? This is the most anticipated, considering that Android Gingerbread is still widely used.

BBM for Gingerbread 300x250 BBM for Gingerbread will be Available Soon?

Quoting Softpedia, there are about 21 percent of Android Gingerbread users, who visit Google Play. This means it can be said if 1 of 5 Android users is people who use the Gingerbread operating system. While the latest OS of Android is Android 4.4 KitKat.

The high demand for BBM for Gingerbread, it seems BlackBerry would not remain silent. According to news circulating, Blackberry is reported has been recruiting users to become beta testers on BBM for Gingerbread. The program is often done by Canadian company that tested beta application before the final release. If the correct BBM will be available for Gingerbread, the potential BBM users will be booming.

When passing on the Android and iOS platforms, the number of users BBM continues to swell. It has not been added with Blackberry BBM users. BBM also rumored some time ago will be present in the Windows Phone. If it be true that the BBM will run on many versions of the OS, could BBM more serious contender other famous instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

BBM on other platforms is not as powerful as BBM on Blackberry. There are several different features with empty BBM in Blackberry device. Blackberry itself is now being prepared to do the injections of top features to BBM for Android. Call it BBM channel, BBM Video, and BBM Voice.

However, if BBM is not available for gingerbread, still circulating in cyberspace modification application that allows the installation BBM to Gingerbread OS. Call it the tips from the XDA developers forum Developers are often present information regarding modification of Android applications. Also not be forgotten even if the Gingerbread Android users number is not small. So there is still hope that the possibility of BBM for Gingerbread is actually available on Google Play.