Galaxy Nexus not Use Gorilla Glass


Galaxy Nexus lately is being hotly discussed because it is a sophisticated smartphone device that carries the latest operating system for the first time, namely the Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Various advantages possessed of this smartphone.

Galaxy Nexus 300x279 Galaxy Nexus not Use Gorilla Glass

Galaxy Nexus does have many advantages, especially if judging from the operating system is taken can not be doubted. Apart from the advantages of this smartphone, it seems there is something interesting about the display technology it uses.

One of the things that are now quite confusing and busy talking is on display sector. Because Galaxy Nexus which was originally expected to have a Gorilla Glass screen technology, later mentioned that Galaxy Nexus did not use Gorilla Glass as the primary protection in the display sector.

Unmitigated statement was disclosed by the manufacturer Gorilla Glass, Corning Incorporated that through officially account claimed that Gorilla Glass does not exist in the Galaxy Nexus. Related to that, according to a source from Samsung, stated that Samsung still uses glass with special protection for Galaxy Nexus, but has not been mentioned specifically.