Google and Intel for Android, Serious Threat to Microsoft


Merger of Google and Intel will become a serious threat to Microsoft. Intel and Google announcement are quite surprising, serious threat to Microsoft. Merger of Intel in the business of mobile devices with Google’s Android will be a threat for three different companies, Anti-Android patent, MeeGo and Microsoft. And of course the most serious threat to Microsoft.

Android intel inside Google and Intel for Android, Serious Threat to Microsoft

The world’s attention focused on Windows 8, which has begun to be given to developers. But the emergence of cooperation agreements between Google and Intel to build Android certainly will soon close the big news of Microsoft’s and become serious threat for Microsoft.

Tablets interface demonstrated Windows 8 is something new. But whether it really is a desktop interface? serious threat to Microsoft, If you are familiar with the interface of tablets and smartphones that existed for this, are you willing to bet that Microsoft’s interface Metro will be able to compete with Android in 2012/13 later? serious threat for Microsoft.

Serious threat to Microsoft, this does not mean that Android will be competing Windows desktops because so far Google Chrome OS still has many shortcomings. But not with Android that has such a large market and will continue to grow, along does Google innovation with his colleagues, including Intel which has over the years become the king maker of chips for PCs.

If lower-class hardware manufacturers produce mobile phones / Android tablets low price, but when equipped with Intel and ARM processors, still Microsoft with Windows 8 tablets will not be able to beat the mobile market that has been taken over by Android from Nokia, this is be serious threat for Microsoft.

Microsoft probably will remain a king in the desktop computer market, not the tablet market. But how long Microsoft could survive? serious threat to Microsoft. Such questions make sense, if viewed the fact that the use of PCs for computing needs have diminished since the advent of mobile computing devices such as tablets, so it can be serious threat to Microsoft.