Latest Update Facebook for Android


Facebook for Android v1.7 adds several new features in its newest updates.

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The updates in Facebook for Android 1.7 are:
- More simple to share with desire friends,
- Improvements in sharing tool by adding privacy controls at each post and in accordance with the setting of a web version,
- Able to tag friends and places in any post,
- The new design on the profile page and group walls,
- Improved photo browsing with a sweep of a finger (swiping),
- Able to tag friends in photos,
- Improved side of notification and messages,
- Fix some crash issues and performance issues.

Facebook for Android offers an increasingly easy sharing functionality. You can more easily tagged with friends using Facebook for Android. Recent core changes of Facebook for Android is privacy. You can choose the settings on Android apps just like the one on the official website. The changes tagging feature of Facebook for Android allows you to tag your friends, plus add the location in each post.

Facebook decided to redesign profile page and Group Walls. The changes also bring improvements to incoming messages plus its notification. Small change but fun, is when surfing on the gallery photo. You can sweep a finger (swiping) from one photo to another photo.

In addition, Facebook also announced features Smart Friends, a service that will classify old school friends and colleagues. The function is very useful to classify anyone who will appear on your wall. The highest level is Acquitances and those who are here will appear as the most important updates. If you do not want to see it appear in Newsfeed, group your friends in the Restricted list. They only appear in public posts. Smart Friends are directly integrated with Facebook, but you can edit it if you felt uncomfortable.

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Update Facebook quite significant because it involves the privacy side, which often complained by users. Most users Facebook for Android, really like the latest update of Facebook for Android.