Tabeo – Special Android Tablet for Children


Tabeo tablet sound less familiar in the ears of tablet users. The tablet will be a new competitor amid increasingly competitive tablet market which is highly variable. Tabeo not specifically designed for adult users, but special for the children. Store toys and juvenile products from the United States (U.S.) Toys R Us are distributing these tablets, hoping to make parents turn away from the iPad or Kindle Fire to better choose Tabeo tablet as gifts for their children.

Tabeo Tabeo   Special Android Tablet for Children

Tabeo equipped with a 7-inch screen. This tablet runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system and is powered by a 1 GHz processor, multi-touch screen and a built-in 4GB storage. Inside are a number of features that will be liked by the parents, namely parental controls to monitor the child’s use of the tablet. It is also available WiFi connection feature, the ability to display the web based on Flash, front camera, and an HDMI port, so kids can connect the tablet to the TV.

Tabeo will be priced at around 150 USD, so it can be categorized as entry level tablet that has a fairly capable specifications for children. Interestingly, in the package Tabeo, are available 50 pre-loaded games, digital books, and educational applications. In addition, access to the app store Tabeo Store, providing more than 6,000 applications. Tabeo will begin to be sold by Toys R Us on October 21, but the parents who are interested and would like to give a special gift to their children, could start place an order from now on.